Emilio Giammiro the founder


The history of SASSA ROLL-BAR:¬† founded in 1971, it’s connetcs to the life and work of its founder, Emilio Giammiro, Visionary and¬†business man who has managed to make a passion for their lifestyle.

He’s always passionate about motor racing, in the ’70, Giammiro began to participate in numerous competitions, both on the track and uphill, driving many vehicles: the “legendary” 595 Abarth, the Citroen 2CV, from the Formula 3000 to the Sport. Subsequently, he brilliantly held the role of local CSAI representative.

Born from a small workshop in a garage, Giammiro, decides to turn his passion into a real entrepreneurial activity. In 1975 the plan for the creation of a more modern and structured company took shape and, in a few years, the Sassa roll-bar became one of the first companies in Europe to develop and market safety cages for racing cars.



Since 2008 the Sassa roll-bar started on a new course with the new property, becoming in effect an industrial reality and combining tradition and innovation. It has thus strengthened its position as a leader in the European market, becoming a point of reference for the safety of motorsport, acquiring among its customers the most important Dealers in the sector.


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